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Making a Move … Or Not

Making a move, either in efforts to find a man or to follow the one you already have, can be complicated. However, following your intuitions and exploring your passions will put you on the right path.

Sharing Secrets and What To Do with the Ring

How you should handle deep, dark secrets and what to do with the wedding ring when you’re no longer wedded.

The Living Dead

Never-ending grieving and a forever single mentality.

Video Killed the Softball Star

What to do when cell phone snooping reveals a friend’s naughtiest exploits, and reevaluating taking the plunge with a guy who socializes like a dictator.

Ball Busting at its Best

How to deal with someone else’s happy endings, and why asserting your inner Guido won’t get you anywhere.

An Affair to Forget

What to do when an affair puts your work affairs in jeopardy, and what telling the truth and a frat house circle jerk have in common.

Riding the Marriage Waves

Blane gives marriage advice on what to do when your hubby — or your good friend’s — might be cheating.

Welcome Mats and Doormats — Which One Are You?

Getting played by a Beaker lookalike … or is she? Blane Bachelor makes a rare slip-up in this week’s advice.