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How to Broach the STD question

Blane gives free relationship advice on how to have that dreaded STD talk without scaring away your catch.

Advice for a Gay Father on Coming Out Later in Life

He came out later in life, and his kids have cut him off; help from the pros on his dilemma, and what to do about that pesky “Relationship Status” button on Facebook.

Making a Move … Or Not

Making a move, either in efforts to find a man or to follow the one you already have, can be complicated. However, following your intuitions and exploring your passions will put you on the right path.

Loose Lips Sink Relationships

Dishing relationship details to third parties and summer lovin’ blues.

The Living Dead

Never-ending grieving and a forever single mentality.

Video Killed the Softball Star

What to do when cell phone snooping reveals a friend’s naughtiest exploits, and reevaluating taking the plunge with a guy who socializes like a dictator.

Text Message Break-Ups 101

Deciphering an out-of-the-blue text message break-up and a yardstick guide for when it’s time to have “The Talk.”

One Seriously Hot Mess

Living with yourself after a stupid mistake, and living with a roommate who should be bunking up at the Bunny Ranch.

Riding the Marriage Waves

Blane gives marriage advice on what to do when your hubby — or your good friend’s — might be cheating.

Holiday Breakup Blues

How to say “stuff it” to all kinds of turkeys this holiday season, and when deja vu isn’t deja vu at all — just a gut check.