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Keeping Your Panties On and Your Priorities Straight

Critical steps to creating — and maintaining — a fulfilling relationship are keeping your panties on and priorities straight.

The Living Dead

Never-ending grieving and a forever single mentality.

Another Dimension in Dating

Better ways to get your groove back in your ’30s, and triumphs in post-breakup ex-sightings.

Coming Clean

Decoding online dating profiles, and imbalances in long-term partner potential.

Meatballs and Basketballs

A vegen contemplating dating a carnivore, and a gal whose guy gets a little too mad over March Madness.

Misadventures Down Under

How not to be foul about your girlfriend’s odor, and a recipe for turning wings into a hot pocket.

When Weird Is (And Isn't) Ok

Eccentricities between the sheets, and why a hesitant recovery from divorce doesn’t deserve the stink eye.

Assuming Responsibility (of Someone Else's Kids)

Balancing possibility and reality when dating a single parent, and a gender-uniting translation of an age-old euphemism.

Text Message Break-Ups 101

Deciphering an out-of-the-blue text message break-up and a yardstick guide for when it’s time to have “The Talk.”

Long-distance Pining vs. Driving Him Nuts

My boyfriend and I met in college and he’s about to graduate in the spring. I have one year left after that while he’s headed off to a once-in-a-lifetime internship in Denmark. I’m proud and excited for him but also very worried about what this does for our shared future.