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Long-distance Pining vs. Driving Him Nuts

My boyfriend and I met in college and he’s about to graduate in the spring. I have one year left after that while he’s headed off to a once-in-a-lifetime internship in Denmark. I’m proud and excited for him but also very worried about what this does for our shared future.

One Seriously Hot Mess

Living with yourself after a stupid mistake, and living with a roommate who should be bunking up at the Bunny Ranch.

An Affair to Forget

What to do when an affair puts your work affairs in jeopardy, and what telling the truth and a frat house circle jerk have in common.

Cold Feet About Getting Married and When Breaking Up Over the Phone is OK

Free dating advice on getting over cold feet and when ending a relationship over the phone is ok.

Troubled Lives and Twisted Words

News flash, people: Marriage is not a magic salve that miraculously cures a couples’ ailments. Ok?

How to Avoid Awkward Mornings-After

Free dating tips to ensure a smooth morning-after goodbye. Even if you — gasp! — don’t like coffee.