Hello dear readers! Long time, no type. As some of you may know, I’ve moved to the fine city of San Francisco. I’m still writing, but with a stronger focus on travel: I’m a weekly blogger for; here’s a recent post on haunted hotspots in Charleston. I also have regular gigs with Sherman’s Travel and am writing all sorts of fun travel stories for (I’m working on a new website to reflect these developments. Rah rah rah! Stay tuned for the! exciting! launch!! yippy!!! skippy!!!!)

As far as Ask a Bachelor, I’ve decided to phase it out for the time being. Although I loved writing it, and giving you guys a helping hand (and hopefully a chuckle) over matters of the heart, it was simply taking up too much of my time. But if you have questions you want answered, still continue to send them my way and I promise I’ll answer them, via e-mail if not anonymously on the blog, as usual.

But (shameless plug coming): It lives eternally in my book, On Being a Bachelor: Thoughts on Dating, Mating and Relating, which also happens to be a great Christmas present. The book and I have been featured in media outlets including NPR’s City Cafe, AOL City’s Best, Travelgirl, Zink! Magazine, Cityview Magazine, WXIA in Atlanta, Date Night Magazine, and several others.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled info …

Suspect your boyfriend is cheating on you — with your brother-in-law? Sick of being burned by bad boys, but no idea how to relate to a guy who says he’ll call and — OMG! — actually does? Caught the old ball and chain balling someone else?

Let syndicated advice columnist Blane Bachelor come to your rescue with free dating advice that’s as real as her name. Her Ask a Bachelor advice column appears weekly in various newspapers across the country.

Just send in your drama or trauma from the form to the right, or via e-mail to Whether you need help on getting over a breakup, sex tips or just a slap of reality, Blane is ready to help.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • While your anonymity is guaranteed, letters may also be used as fodder for blog discussions, articles and dinner-party conversation.
  • Letters may be edited for length or clarity.
  • Blane will keep your identity under wraps and your e-mail address will not be sold to Nigerian spammers promising appendage enlargement through magic pills.
  • If you don’t sign off with a catchy nickname, Blane will make one up for you.
  • While it takes a lot to make Blane blush, this is a dating and relating column. She’ll happily and eagerly give sex tips as she sees fit, but save the explicit stuff for the XXX chat rooms, ok?

Disclaimer: Blane nor any of the outlets in which her column appears assume responsibility for any psychoses, bar fights, estrangements, arrests, unwanted pregnancies, alcohol-fueled tirades, selective memory loss, evictions, torturous first dates, drug addictions, family rifts, theft, adultery, booty calls, incest, car accidents, unemployment, harassment, dismemberment, co-habitation, or any other physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional, mental or sexual hardships, conditions or maladies, temporary or permanent, potential or perceived, wherein, herein, whereas, in accordance with, blah blah blah, that may or may not directly or indirectly result from ignoring, following, or contemplating ignoring or following her advice. That pretty much covers it, anyway.