“Blane Bachelor, as the name suggests, is intrinsically equipped to dish the dirt on all things associated with love, lust and longing. Don’t commit without her.” — www.writenowtoday.com

Book Signings and Appearances

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* An uber-fun Q&A on Valentine’s Day for AOL City’s Best Atlanta
* A great shout-out in TravelGirl
* A book excerpt on The Savvy Gal
*An in-depth radio interview with Johnny Tan on From My Mama’s Kitchen
* A reviewer who really got it, at Read Charlie magazine, a great online mag about Charleston happenings
* An excellent synopsis of The Disappearing Act on WXIA’s website
* A fab review from Date Night Magazine
* A great writeup and party pics from Metromix
* Another writeup and photos from Skirt! 
* Yet another great writeup from The Singles Salon
* A fun radio interview on The Fitness Buff
* A fun radio interview on Book Talk With Lisa
* Selection as BOOK OF THE MONTH for Knoxville’s B97.5!
* Check out photos from the Aug. 5 launch party here! (A huge thanks to photographer Kenneth Clark.)


Have You Ever:

* Been a victim of the Disappearing Act, when someone you’re supposedly dating just vanishes into thin air?
* Gritted your teeth into dust while you fork over your hard-earned cash for yet  another effing bridal shower gift?
* Endured the searing agony of a Brazilian wax just to please a man?

Then On Being a Bachelor: Thoughts on Dating, Mating and Relating (Virgil Press, Inc.), by Blane Bachelor — an internationally published author (she not-quite-so humbly adds) — is just the read for you. The book, her first, is a collection of her best and funniest “On Being a Bachelor” columns about the ups and downs of dating, mating and relating. 

A few favorite morsels from the book:

  • On guys who stop calling out of the blue: “It’s fair to say women are more often on the receiving end of the Disappearing Act, after the guy slips off into the night like the Dickless Horseman, never to be seen or heard from again except in dating horror stories.”
  • On why bridal showers suck: “Why should I have to cough up $50 for a scrap of silk the bride will wear for exactly 2.4 seconds before her new hubby rips it off?”
  • On a first-time Brazilian: “It felt like I had just done the splits onto a sizzling George Foreman grill.”

Think this sounds like a book just for gals? Think again, fellas. There’s plenty in here for you, too, like:

  • Premature Emotionation : Are you unwittingly driving away dozens of women with this dangerous affliction?
  •  How to improve your hunting skills in the dating game
  • The unexpected $30 purchase that will get you more attention from women than you ever dreamed

Still not convinced? Then take a look at these reviews:

  • Blane Bachelor laces her wise wake-up calls with humor that’ll take you from ‘Oh no, she didn’t’ to ‘Damn, I’m glad she did.’” Michael Alvear, award-winning author and host of HBO’s “The Sex Inspectors”
  • Blane Bachelor, as the name suggests, is intrinsically equipped to dish the dirt on all things associated with love, lust and longing. Don’t commit without her.” — Angela Gilltrap, associate editor, Zink!, and founder, www.writenowtoday.com
  • “It’s a must-read for anyone who has ever been on a date and lived to tell about it.”  — Colleen Oakley, former Marie Claire senior editor and freelance writer
  • Blane strikes the right balance with writing that fits perfectly between the ears and, sometimes, below the waist.” – Rick Press, Editor, DFW.com

Want to see for yourself what all the fuss is about? Then get clickin’ already!

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