Weiner Resigns: Name That Headline, Win a Book

For some almost-Friday fun, I’ll give a free copy of my book, On Being a Bachelor: Thoughts on Dating, Mating and Relating, to whoever can come up with the funniest headline about Anthony Weiner’s pulling out, um, I mean, resignation following his sexting scandal. Here’s hoping everyone can, er, rise to the challenge. Make your comments below.

weiner resignation headline contest

This is one seriously skewered Weiner (photo courtesy of Flickr/Michael Brownlee).

The Daily Dirt(y): So, Are You Traveling for Business or … uh … Pleasure?

Oh my banana-hammock heavens. Can you imagine quietly sitting in your seat a few minutes before takeoff, with your belt securely fastened and carry-on baggage safely stowed, and up sashays a seatmate like this? I bet he asked for extra nuts.  US Scareways, indeed … (Story originally reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.)

cross dressing passenger

Jill Tarlow

A Bachelor Bashes The Bachelorette (shocking)

Wine-inspired confession: Watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, ABC’s infuriatingly addictive “reality” dating shows, is some of my favorite quality time with the hubbers. Why? His side-splitting color commentary about the idiocy of it all. Here, a few gems from Monday night’s episode from The Bachelorette Season 7:

A Complex Equation for Love

Q: I'm in new territory here and need some advice. I'm a professional female with a challenging career, friends and interests. I'm one of the most independent, non-clingy chicks out there. I'm dating a scientist who isn't just a workaholic -- he sincerely LOVES his job. I guess if I was that intelligent and creative I'd be that passionate about what I do, too. So I get that -- I really do. ...