Heartbreaking. Soul-Stirring. (Not usually the norm here.)

Just TRY to not be blown away by this.

Breaking from the norm of penis-shaped weather patterns and other humorous raunch I normally post here, here’s a gut-wrenching piece about regret and romantic loss, beautifully written and achingly emotional. The kind of writing I can only hope to do one day. The girl he’s writing about actually commented under the name LindyLaurel (about 20 or so comments in). And she’s my hero (just like theĀ  sub-Simian, syphilitic numpty who sent this to me. Love ya, P.).

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  1. I’m so grateful that you posted this. These two knit words and emotions together seamlessly whilst making you question every action or decision you’ve ever taken.

    We mold ourselves and teach our children to be the best that we possibly can, without recognizing that sometimes being the best you can is entirely too much for some people to handle. Just this morning I shared this with my daughter, only 10, but already someone who will demand rich narratives, colourful cast and bold typeface. Much as I did, I’m certain that she will grow up to suffer confusion and heartache when she watches boys trace the arc of lust, infatuation, inferiority, insecurity and eventual resentment for the girl that she is; the girl who reads.

    I owe it to her, and tip my hat to you, B, LindyLaurel and all the girls who write, for helping me teach her that the view up here is lovely and that not everyone is afraid of heights.

    Comment by Sub Simian Syphilitic Numpty — May 11, 2011 @ 10:36 pm

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