Keeping Your Panties On and Your Priorities Straight

Q: Where to begin? I'm attractive, witty, have a very good sense of humor, easygoing and I love sports. Time and again I meet a male person. We'll both make each other laugh, text daily numerous times, but after the prize, if you will, is awarded, BAM!, I'm no longer "one cool chick."

My last encounter takes the cake. He could be described as someone that I was definitely better than, but there was something about him. I didn't necessarily want a relationship but thought we could enjoy each other. Well, I rate the sex as poor, probably one of the worst, but I gave him a second chance. Instead, the texts dwindled down to none. Guess we were never friends to begin with. His loss.

What is wrong with me? I'm tired of being told what a good catch I am, of hearing "man, can't believe you're single." What is wrong with them? Whatever am I doing wrong? I'd like to end with a quote by the great Gordon Keith, "All the world's problems are in some way directly related to the privates." – Privately Fuming

Sometimes you need to put a lock on your libido to keep men interested. (

Halloween's Over, But the Dating Horror Stories Live On

Q: I am dating a married woman who is extremely jealous if I even talk to another female and even some males. I thought I found a friend only on Facebook and met her. She was more interested in an amorous relationship and so I cut off communication. She found my girlfriend, told her we had been dating (I met her once alone and nothing went on) and went to an outdoor event with her and her friend. My girlfriend thinks I had something for her based on what this woman told her. I suggested we confront the other woman in person, but GF just says I stabbed her in the back. I never did tell her about it originally because I knew she would be upset that I talked to or met with another woman. How do I handle this in the best manner? – "Fred"

Making a Move … Or Not

Q: So I'm almost 37 and very single. I have plenty to occupy my time: child, work, pets, friends, family. I want a husband. I know there are guys out there but I sure don't know how to find them. Internet dating has been a disaster. I'm too busy to have a thousand coffee dates with frogs to find a prince. I want a best friend to grow old with. Sex and affection would be nice too. I have a teen son and don't want more kids and the few single guys out there are late bloomers ready to breed.