The Dangers of Dating a Workaholic

Q: I've been dating a guy who is always, always working. He's way over-committed to his two jobs. So, I never ever get to see him. Which is a shame b/c I really like him, but he's canceling at the last minute and not calling and the whole spiel. So, I decide I've had enough. He likes to text, so I text him: "You're clearly pushing me away. Let's take a break and stop the insanity." The text didn't go through. Argh! Right after that, I get this text from him saying, "Babe, I really appreciate your patience. My life is kinda crazy and it means so much to me that you're sticking with me. Love you, sweetie." He's a wonderful guy, but I NEVER see him. We haven't had sex in two months! What should I do? -- Neglected

Office space

Spend too much time in the office, and your love life will look like this. (Photo credit: Flickr/Matt Wharton)

The Wrong Kind of Doggy Style

Q: I’m dating this gal that has a small dog. The dog watches me bang her silly. When she howls, he howls. She won’t run him off, so he sits there and watches the whole sordid event. The little bastard even licks the wet spot after we are done. I’m not a pet person, and this creeps me out. Is this normal for people with pets? What can I do? —Doggone Sick of This

Not what you want to see while getting down and dirty. Photo credit: This Year's Love