Moody Boyfriends and Girlfriends with Fake Boobs

Free dating advice for a moody boyfriend and what to do when a friend’s fake boobs are making you jealous.

Q: My boyfriend is frequently moody. I know he loves me but sometimes his aloofness makes me insecure. What is the best way to approach him about it or deal with it? – Melancholy Over His Moodiness

A: The next time his mood starts to swing like a pendulum, why not just ask if he needs to borrow a tampon?

Sorry for the sarcasm, but it doesn’t sound like very much fun to be with someone who’s frequently moody and aloof. There’s not a lot of detail in your letter to help me come up with a terribly insightful answer beyond that. Sure, you can approach him about the situation, though my Magic 8 Ball tells me the conversation just might go something like this:

You: Honey, I’ve noticed that lately you seem to be upset quite often. Can we talk about it?

Him [giving you a blank stare]: I’m fine.

You: Well … um … ok. Are you sure?

Him [resuming channel surfing/detailing his motorcycle/strumming his guitar/take your pick of any other stereotypical moody-guy activities]: Yes. Anything else?

You [trying to contain yet another a frustrated sigh]: I guess not …

As far as dealing with his attitude, all I can recommend is the strategy that, come to think of it, many men have adopted as routine: Accept that, for 5-7 days every month, your partner will be about as fun to be around as a heroin junkie in detox. Your best bet might well be to just stay the hell out of his way when Mr. Hyde starts to creep out. (And ladies, let’s use this as a gentle reminder to not abuse our monthly visitor pass for too much Mother-Nature-entitled bitchiness, ummkay?)

But, another shake of my Magic 8 Ball suggests that, before long, you’ll get fed up with this whole walking-on-eggshells routine. You didn’t mention the third option here, which is – though I’m guessing you aren’t quite ready to admit it just yet – to cut him loose. Aloofness and moodiness, like extroversion or trustworthiness, are pretty set character traits; i.e., they’re not likely to change. Which means that you either accept and deal with them, or accept that you can’t deal with them, and move on.

Q: One of my best friends, who I’ve known since we were 14, recently got breast implants. I have to admit that she looks amazing, and it is wonderful to see her confidence improve. The problem is that now her new “girls” are constantly on display when we go out, and she acts like someone I don’t even know. Can implants change friendships, too? – Breast Friend


A: Of course, but perhaps in ways you haven’t even thought of. Instead of tsk-tsking her for busting out of her low-cut tops, focus on the fact that you could, ahem, milk some benefits of your own from the new “girls” in the group.

With her newfound confidence thanks to her newly enhanced funbags, your friend is surely attracting some new attention from guys. So – especially if you’re single — instead of bemoaning the fact that she’s drawing that attention, why not capitalize on it? The admiring dudes will likely migrate over in packs, as bargoing guys are wont to do. News flash: Not all of them salivate over saline, so don’t write off the wingmen just because their friend is drooling over your friend’s plastic bombs.

If you’re already spoken for, then just grab a drink, sit back and watch the action with the knowledge that your friend’s tit-tastic ‘tude will probably fade as the novelty of her new knockers wears off. If not, and she continues to act like someone you “don’t even know” – I’m guessing you mean a total boob – then start hitting bars with friends whose company feels a little more natural.


  1. I am a firm believer in the buddy system, and it sounds like there’s great potential for a wing-man in your newly-enhanced friend. But, like Blane said, if she’s a “total boob” about her new knockers, then maybe you should restrict hanging out with her to more one-on-one situations.

    Comment by Jenna — June 14, 2010 @ 12:43 pm

  2. Yeah! I loved the part when you mentioned ” your friend’s tit-tastic ‘tude” its good description for that person.
    For me? I guess as long as you are still doing your part as a friend well atleast in the long run you should not be blame if there will be a problem with your friendship because you did the right thing.

    Comment by Seff — June 30, 2010 @ 11:24 am

  3. I saw the picture with the big b**bs ( you know what I mean) I was shocked to see such big ones though I am not laughing at her because I know she may like it or she may doesn’t want people laughing at her. I highly recommend this site to people who have a question and actually speaking of one …I do have a question… Why do guys love girls with big bo*bs?

    Comment by Rey — June 30, 2010 @ 1:14 pm

  4. I dont beleave that maybe not real photo

    Comment by kimo — July 21, 2011 @ 7:27 am

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