All Choked Up

Q: I have been on the single scene for about 10 years and am rather experienced – not a slut, just experienced. One thing I have noticed in my last three bed buddies is that they’re into putting their hands around my neck, choking, asphyxiation . . . what is up with that?.

Jumping In With Both Feet?

Q: So I’ve been seeing this girl for a few weeks now, and I was thinking it just might get serious. She’s awesome, and I already have more feelings for her than I’ve had for any girl I’ve dated in a long time. But there’s an issue. The other night we were watching that stupid show “The Bachelorette” (her idea, of course), and there’s a guy on there with a foot fetish. There were a couple of scenes where he was massaging the Bachelorette’s feet and saying how great her feet were. Well, my girl was saying what a weirdo that guy was and how strange his fetish was. I got the feeling she was kind of grossed out by it! So here’s my problem: I have a foot fetish.

She Works Hard for the Money

Q: The girl I am currently dating is great in so many ways. She is fun, quirky in a good way, very funny, very pretty, is a loving, smart woman, but there is one glaring problem. She has zero ambition toward any career. She tends bar now and sees herself always doing that work. It pays great, and she has flexible hours, but she gets off at 4 a.m. and has drunk guys hitting on her all the time and following her out to her car. I can’t see myself taking this to the next level due to this. Am I overreacting?