Foreign Affairs

Q: I met an amazing man from Puerto Rico through an online travel network called Couchsurfers. My roommate and I are both on it, and periodically host people traveling through Atlanta. A little over a month ago, we hosted a Puerto Rican guy named Carlos for a few nights, showed him around the city, etc. We ended up hitting it off and have conversed since on a daily basis.

Truth or Consequences

Q: Ever since that movie “The Hangover” came out, I’ve been in agony. I haven’t even seen it yet, because I know it would be way too hard, a reminder of something I did recently that I regret. I went to Vegas about two months ago and made a big mistake.

Get Real

Q: I’ve been living with my boyfriend now for 10 years (I honestly don’t know where the time has gone). We don’t seem to be on the marriage track, but we do own a house together, so it’s semi-permanent. Lately, I’ve rediscovered the nightlife, which my boyfriend could not hate more.