The Least Complicated

Q: So I’ve been hanging out with this guy for a few months. We’ve been keeping it really casual … not saying we’re dating, exclusive or anything like that. Partly because he’s friends with my ex and it’s a little awkward, and partly because we haven’t wanted to complicate things. The truth, though, is that feelings have developed and we spend a lot of time together, and by most definitions, if you asked people, they would probably think we were together.

The Sport of Dating

Q: Blane, I met this guy over a year ago. We hit it off immediately and started dating right away. We spent every day together for a month until his ex-girlfriend found out and called him crying with a story about her granddad being sick and how she needed him. He, of course, broke things off with me and tried to work things out with her.

Flights of Fantasy

Q: My wife and I have been happily married for six years. We’ve always had a stable sex life, even after we got married (which, as I understand from some of my other married buddies, is a very good thing and I’m quite thankful for it). Lately, I’ve had more sex fantasies than usual.

Cold Feet About Getting Married and When Breaking Up Over the Phone is OK

Q: I have gotten myself into quite a dilemma and don’t know what to do. I read your column and like your frankness, so let me have it! For some background, my girlfriend and I have been together since we were seniors in high school, just over five years ago.

We attended colleges in different states, where we both went out with other people for the first couple of years. Then we became engaged and are now planning (or have planned) our wedding in a little more than two months.

My feelings for “Sandy” are not the same now that we are spending so much time together. I am in med school, and she goes back and forth from my place to our hometown, where she is living with her parents. It seems Sandy cannot do anything without her mother’s permission. Our wedding has gotten completely out of hand, and all the decisions are made by Sandy’s mom. She calls at least twice a day and wants to know of Sandy’s whereabouts at all times. I have tried to talk with Sandy about this, but she says her mom just wants the best for her. I have lost respect for Sandy because she cannot stand up to her mom. I don’t think I can deal with this situation on a long-term basis. Do you?—Cold Feet